Timaru Clothing Alterations

Our Timaru clothing alterations department offers you a prompt, yet top quality and professional service.

Our experienced staff can assist you with all aspects of garment alteration including,  shortening and lengthening of trousers, skirts and tops. Taking in and letting out of waist and side seams. Replacement of zips including invisible zips. Shortening and lengthening of sleeves on tailored jackets. As well as shoulder or crotch lifts.

We are not only specialists in the re-attachment of original hems on jeans. But are also the sole suppliers of colours on blazers for Timaru Boys High School. Don’t forget we also willingly work on garments purchased outside of Camerons Stores.

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Price List

Trousers & Jeans Price
Shorten or Lengthen $15.00-$20.00
Shorten track pants with zip $35.00
Taper 1 dress trouser seams $17.50
Taper 2 dress trouser seams $25.00
Taper and shorten $33.00
Taper over hips only $17.50
Taper through pockets From $32.50
Take in or let out waistband $19.50-$25.00
Extend waistband & back seam $35.00
Lower waistband $37.50
Dresses Price
Lift on shoulder (unlined) $20.00
Lift on shoulder (lined) $28.00
Shorten (unlined) $15.00
Shorten (Lined) $22.50
Blazer Braid
Braid for TBHS blazer $30.00
Sew Bar on TBHS blazer $7.50
Sew on monogram with machine $9.00
Sew monogram with hand $15.00
School Shorts
Shorten (unlined) $15.00
Shorten (lined) $19.50
Back seam (unlined) $17.50
Back seam (lined) $19.50
Sleeves Prices
Shorten sleeves (unlined) From $15.00
Shorten sleeves (lined) From $22.50
Invisible zip $17.50-$22.50
Replace zip in pants/skirt $17.50-$23.00
Replace zip in jacket $35.00
Shorten (unlined) $15.00
Shorten (lined) $22.50
Shorten coat From $30.00
Shorten top $17.50-$25.00
School skirt $17.50-$25.00